Tanariri Hastakala is the well-known name in the world of Indian handicrafts.

India is variegated country in the world and is very well-known for its integrated culture within the diverse cultures. Indian culture is one of the oldest and colourful cultures within the world. Due to the giant treasure of these various cultures Indian subcontinent – its various states have rich heritage of pretty, attractive, appealing diverse handicrafts.

Diversity of culture is the specialty of states of India. From the early civilisations, Gujarat state has been home for handicraft traditions. For example the presence of a kiln at Lothal, one of the sites of the ancient Indus Valley civilisation, indicates that pottery was a well-established craft in the state likewise there are many handicraft arts have been developed in different state in the India.

Tanariri Hastakala since last 20 years work for this specialty of handicrafts lying with different states.

We at Tanariri Hastakala study these various handicraft items from all over the country and present it with different size, color, shape, design, quantity, quality as per the need of market and promote the artists working after these art.

We at Tanariri Hastakala deals with the metro cities of India like Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Delhi. Here we provide items in bulk quantity with invariable and consistent quality. We provide our valuable handicrafts item to the well-known and giant selling out lets in these cities from where it is been exported in many countries in the globe. We also provide our items to medium and small retailers too through which earns too much name and fame in the country.

Well in time delivery, quality maintenance, continuation in products, guidance to customers for different products, well fame after sale service, customer care and rational rates are our natural and routine features.

Now, after the experience treasure of 20 years we have added one more feather into facility hamper and that is availability of goods at retail. ‘TAMRAPATRA’ is the name of our series of retail outlets.

‘TAMRAPATRA’ also a platform for new artists working in the field of handicraft art. We motivate physically challenged – handicapped deaf, dumb, mentally retarded etc. as well as NGOs too providing facility to organize the exhibitions of their handicraft products. Now every 2 month Tanariri Hastakala will arrange an exhibition at ‘TAMRAPATRA’ for different artistic items of handicrafts. Art and Crafts are entirely human creations; they need human excellence, passion and love to be brought forth. Art and Craft vary in their quality and nature.

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