Classic Gold Votive Tea Light Holders With Color Glass Handcrafted By Tamrapatra

Tanariri HastakalaSKU: TH-24001-(K)

販売価格Rs. 299.00 通常価格Rs. 585.00


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  • A glorious votive candle holder that will induce a fascinating and interesting ambience in your beautiful homes and offices
  • Displays an attractive holder made using high-end metal that will maintain the sturdiness and durability of the product
  • The entire structure displays luminous loops that stand as the highlight of this magnificent candle holder.
  • Dimensions: 12X12X12cm | Weight: 240gm 
  • Package Contents: 1 Candle Holder 

Lighten Up Your Mood 

  • This exquisite tea light holder will evoke a fantastic ambience at your beautiful homes. The shiny loops form a wonderful structure that surrounds the votive candle and amplifies its appeal.
  • This is an ideal gift for several auspicious occasions like housewarming parties, festivities, inaugral events and many more.
  • It will bedazzle the viewer with its chasmatic approach and qualify for premium corners at homes and offices.

 Product Highlights

  • Votive candles require a holder to increase their burning time. This product features a colorful glass that serves as a votive candle holder and pools the wax thereby maximizing the burning time.
  • This votive candle holder is surrounded by a metal stand which ceases to captivate with its aesthetic appeal.
  • This distinctive votive candle holder will certainly be a delightful addition to your interior decoration along with serving its primary purpose.

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