Exclusive HandPainted Tray New Design Oval Utility Multicolor Tamrapatra

Tanariri HastakalaSKU: TH-30018A

Style: Peacock
販売価格Rs. 1,820.00 通常価格Rs. 2,350.00





  • An exquisitely handcrafted wooden tray which flaunts a rich finish and will certainly contribute to the way your present your food and beverages.
  • Made using premium quality sheesham wood that is durable enough to ensure its utility value.
  • Displays the cultural Madhubani art on its edges that intensifies the entire appeal of this product and makes it a worthy addition to your beautiful homes.
  • Is excellently shaped and has brass fish handles on both sides that allow steady serving and contribute to its visual appeal.
  • Dimensions: 46X26X6cm | Weight: 1198gm | R1
  • Package Contents: 1 Tray

Product Highlights

  • Wonderfully hand painted tray that will add a vibe of creativity to your décor with its appealing visual dimension
  • Made of high grade wood and carefully designed to maintains its durability
  • An oval shaped tray that adds worth to its uniqueness and captivates the attention of the viewers with its precise carving
  • Available in 2 magnificent variants that feature a peacock and a Warli tree respectively


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