Exclusive Matki Tea Light On Spiral Hanging Shadow Lights Handcrafted Tamrapatra

Tanariri HastakalaSKU: TH-24029-(H)

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  • A wonderfully crafted tea light holder that will qualify for the premium corners of your place and will also serve as a hanging lantern based on its flexible functionality.
  • This uniquely styled tea light holder has been crafted using premium quality metal and given a rustic look that contributes to its appeal.
  • A matki shaped tea light hung on a spiral loop that will add a distinctive and customary look to your décor
  • Available on TAMRAPATRA in rustic gold where a complimentary tea light will be provided by us so that you can put the product to instant use
  • Dimensions: 18X13X25cm | Weight: 466gm 
  • Package Content: 1 Candle Holder

Festive Decoration Ideas

  • A candle holder's function is not only restricted to its primary function of keeping the candle in place. It also helps in beautifying your décor and giving an elegant approach to your candles.
  • This is a delightful tea light holder that will instantly brighten up your place with its sensationally pleasing appeal. You can instantly add a cozy vibe to different rooms of your beautiful homes with this matki style tea light holder.
  • An ideal gift item should be both useful and decorative. This distinctive candle holder is ideal to gifted on any auspicious occasion. Its visually stunning appeal will ignite an instant glow to the recipient's interior décor.

Product Highlights

  • What we have here is a stunning matki style candle holder that comes hanging on a spiral stand. The hanging spiral stand adds an immense amount of functionality to the product.
  • You can change the entire look of your décor as this single piece gives you many options.
  • You can use the spiral hanging to add a visual appeal to your room.
  • You can use the holder's loop and hang it in your intended area to add a subtle glow to your room. You can even choose to only place the matki holder so that it can highlights other aspects of your decor.
  • Matki is a small earthen pot that is used by all classes in Indian since ancient times.

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