Iron Carved Elephant Tea Light Up Trunk Attractive Shape Excellence By Tamrapatra

Tanariri HastakalaSKU: TH-24011B-(V)

Size: Large
販売価格Rs. 990.00 通常価格Rs. 1,980.00






  • An interesting tea light holder that will serve as a beautifying aspect along with portraying symbolic significance
  • Crafted using high grade metal leaving no compromise in the quality of this brilliant piece of art
  • An accentuating candle holder that has been given the magnificent look of an elephant
  • Complimentary tea light provided with this charming holder that is available in 2 different sizes
  • Dimensions:
  • Standard: 24X14X30cm | Weight: 460gm | Box: R
  • Large: 28X18X37cm | Weight: 690gm | Box: V
  • Package Contents: 1 Candle Holder

Elephant Theme Decor

  • Candle holders are an underrated element of decor. They instantly set the mood along with adding a graceful touch to your beautiful homes and offices. They can easily be placed in any corner to uplift its value and intensify its appeal altogether.
  • This uniquely fascinating candle holder in the shape of a mighty elephant will add an exotic and elegant look to your decot thereby making it captivating.
  • The symbolic integrity that it conveys throught its visually stunning approach makes it a wonderful gift.

Products Highlights

  • The upward facing elephant trunk signifies good fortune and depicts a movement that the elephants use to meet their friends and express sheer light. This certainly makes it a symbolic statement that would ideal for gifting it to your friends and close ones.
  • It would reflect your great choice as well as convey your compassion towards others.
  • This beautifully stlyed elephant tea light holder has been crafted using high grade metal to retain its quality standards.
  • It has been delicately carved and given a rustic look to maintain its customary appeal.
  • The elephant stands as a symbol of intellect and wisdom along with the candle signifying a ray of hope in the darkness. This duality in symbolic approach is what amplifies its value in entirety.

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