Metal Showpiece Moustache Man Playing Musical Instrument From Tamrapatra

Tanariri HastakalaSKU: TH-20001A-(L)

Color: Purple
販売価格Rs. 799.00 通常価格Rs. 1,580.00





  • An exquisite product that is ideal for home décor and gifting purposes.
  • Made of high quality powder coated metal using traditional methods.
  • Exudes a rural vibe with its intricate craftsmanship and life-like representation.
  • Standard gold with 3 vibrant colour variants.
  • Dimension: 18X6X27cm | Weight: 450gm
  • Package Contents: 1 Metal Artifact

Are you an art lover?

  • If yes, then we have an artefact for you that will induce a fascinating ambience in your beautiful homes.
  • This musical man artefact will qualify for the most premium corner at your place.
  • It also serves as a decent gift for any kind of occasion to make an impression on your close ones.

Product Highlights

  • This product is available in 3 variants. In each variant, the moustache man is holding a different musical instrument, namely Harmonium, Dholak and Sitar.
  •  Harmonium is a type of reed organ in which air from pedal-operated bellows causes the reeds to vibrate.
  • Dholak is a double ended drum traditionally used in weddings across the Indian subcontinent.
  • Sitar is a stringed instrument used in classical Indian music.

Process Of Creation

  • The metal artifacts are handcrafted with utmost sophistication. After being melted in a blast furnace and drawing metal through shafts sheets, rods and wires are formed.
  • They are vigorously hammered using primitive tools and given shape by artisans having experience and expertise in their area of interest.
  • It is properly polished to give it a certain amount of lustre. Then, it is carefully hand painted and precisely designed using a variety of colors to attain the required level of vibrancy so that it can reach up to your expectations.

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