Tree Shadow Candle Holder Cylinder Style Strong Iron Make Handcrafted Tamrapatra

Tanariri HastakalaSKU: TH-24004

Size: Small
販売価格Rs. 255.00 通常価格Rs. 500.00





  • An attractive shadow style tea light holder that will work its classic charm in dim lighting and serve as a great contrast otherwise
  • Made using premium quality metal that helps in keeping the product study and enhances its durability in nature
  • This aesthetically pleasing shadow style holder will radiate positive energy and bring an ooze of freshness to your place with the tree shadow that it illuminates
  • The cylindrically shaped holder is available in 3 different sizes where TAMRAPATRA will provide a complimentary tea light for our customers so that you can put the product to instant use.
  • Dimensions:
  • Standard: 9X9X11cm | Weight: 130gm | Box: I
  • Medium: 10X10X15cm | Weight: 190gm | Box: I
  • Large: 13X13X18cm | Weight: 275gm | Box: K
  • Package Content: 1 Candle Holder

Redecorate Your Lovely home

  • This aesthetically appealing candle holder will exude a striking silhouette that will fill your décor with its illuminating vibrancy.
  • This is a wonderful shadow candle holder that will radiate the enchanting silhouette of a tree in a dim light setting.
  • This not only adds an accentuating appeal to your décor, but also adds to the fact how a candle both defies and defines the darkness.

Product Highlights

  • Its distinctive style and unique look will make it an ideal gift at various occasions. It will serve as a thought-provoking gift at different festivities, housewarming parties, inaugural events, wedding gifts and an amazing return gift at religious get togethers.
  • This can be placed near any corner or wall to run its magic with its classic charm. In dim lighting, it will add a state of grandeur with its everlasting magnificence.
  • This uniquely appealing candle holder has been crafted using high quality iron metal that is sturdy in nature which enhances its durability.
  • The cylindrical shape provides a compact and easy going approach to it. It will easily blend with the other aspects of your décor.

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